Impact Christian Schools


Sometime in the beginning of 2012, two Madison area pastors were playing basketball. Each of their churches operated a Christian School. As they spoke, one of them said, “I think we could use some help.”

When Christians humble themselves, God likes that and does some fairly remarkable things. God has several terms for that: community, unity, humility, vision casting.


The first relationship was created under a management agreement that had a five-year window ending in May of 2018. Great things were accomplished in this five-year period for both schools. Finances were strengthened, academic achievement flourished. Perhaps of greatest importance, two different types of churches found that they not only could work together, but they also found they could accomplish more when they came together under a common goal for God’s purposes.

During the school year of 2016-17, the conversation about the original partnership between High Point Christian School and Abundant Life Christian School began to change. The prevailing thought was, that was good, is there more? The conclusion was a resounding yes! A new school was drawn into the conversation, Lighthouse Christian School. In the fall of 2017, all the parties concluded that there needed to be a formal move to the creation of Impact Christian Schools (ICS). The three schools mentioned form the original charter and will be working with ICS starting in the 2018-19 school year.


So, what does God want with private schools tied to Bible-believing churches, which are very different in practice, culture, economics, and ethnicity? ICS is:

  • An administrative support platform for a distinctly Christian system of church-based schools that:
    • Work together to produce quality education and character building for children and families.
    • Respond to God’s mandate to reach a city with the message of Jesus (building the local church, be a witness by answering legitimate community needs and concerns, a living out of Christian thought and principles).

What will make ICS succeed?

  • A Good education can happen in many places, what will make ICS succeed is when we provide quality in an environment that encourages students to grow and understand that being made in the image of God has given them great opportunity to be more than they likely realize.

What is pushing ICS to exist?

  • The value of the gospel story ‘off-Sunday’ in a uniquely Christian environment reaching diverse people through quality education.
  • Achievement gap report for Madison against our test scores –  we present a good and viable option for parents.
  • The growing difficult environment of the public school – moral and social implications.
  • The disparity of values and virtues in the public school arena.
  • The desire for church collaboration and a ‘bigger picture’ mindset.

Is there a better place (outside of the home) for all of the above to happen than in a school setting, with teachers who are committed to more than teaching, choosing to love their students and model God’s love for them as well.

ICS is here to provide academic and school leadership for Christian schools with a much bigger vision than just providing quality education. ICS aims to come alongside what God would have done when his presence intersects education. The outcome? A robust educational environment where children can grow into great people, know their purpose, their identity and know how to participate in a community where others flourish as well.


So back to the basketball court. The two pastors still play weekly and once in awhile a question is asked, or a comment made. God is still at work in their hearts and minds. What else is God wanting to do?