Impact Christian Schools


Earlier this year, an exploratory meeting was held with the team at Kids Junction to begin talking about the possibility of a new 4K on the west side of Madison. Since then, word has spread, interest has grown, and we are moving forward with the intent of opening a new Christian Half Day 4K school in the fall of 2023 at Kids Junction.

Our philosophy of early childhood curriculum mainly focuses on hands-on exploration and discovery of God’s world through active engagement with all 5 senses. The curriculum is theme based using developmentally appropriate resources and high quality literature. Handwriting Without Tears is our basis for handwriting, reading readiness and basic math skills. Gospel Light’s My Great Big God series is used for Bible and Worship.

Tentative Schedule

Arrive 8:00 AM

Check-in Activities 8:00-8:30

Friend time  8:00-8:30

Clean-up  8:30-8:40

Group Time  (Opening song, prayer time, Daily routines, Theme related activities (finger plays, songs, theme discussion, and literature book)  8:40 -9:00

Small Group Time  (Art project, Independent Centers, and Literacy, Math, or Science lesson) 9:00 – 9:45

Snack and Restroom  Break  (Parents provide child’s snack)9:45 -10:05

Music and Movement    10:05 -10:25

Bible and Worship Time 10:25 -10:50

Outside Playtime    (Once a week Physical Education with Kids’ Junction P.E Teacher)  10:50 -11:20

Closing Group Time 11:20 – 11:30

What makes us different from the Kids Junction 4K Program…

1.  Lead Teacher must have a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college

2.  We teach Christian Character but also have a dedicated time for Bible and Worship

3.  We participate in the Wisconsin Parental School Choice Program

4.  Offer 87.5 Parent Outreach Hours (through multiple means to involve parents and children with at home learning.  Includes the Sessaw App using our own designed activities.)

5.  Our curriculum enables us to differentiate activities to meet student needs.

6.  We use Handwriting Without Tears for handwriting, Reading Readiness, and Basic Math Skills.

Would you like to get involved? Hear more? Stay informed?

Some Items of Interest:

  • School programming will be Monday through Thursday from 8 to 12. The first day of school will be 8/29.
  • Tuition for the year will be $3,672. Kids Junction Christian School will also offer free tuition through participation in the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program.
  • In partnership with Kids Junction there will be wraparound program offerings in their facilities for those looking for all day care, after the AM school from Kids Junction Christian School. Wraparound will be 5 days a week and will include all day care on Friday’s as well.
  • Admissions will open up in early January.

 If you have any questions about our new 4K, or are interested in enrollment, please reach out to [email protected] or fill out the inquiry form above!